Unconventional Tactic: Shelter Worker Moves In with Puppy to Find Him a Forever Home

The staff of the shelter did everything to attract people’s attention to the adorable puppy 🐶🥹

One of the shelter workers went to live in the kennel with the dog to help him find a forever home. It was much more difficult for a puppy to live in a shelter after having a home.

The dog named Lana was found when he was still a little puppy and his rescuer couldn’t adopt him. He took the dog to the shelter, where she was soon adopted.

But unfortunately Lana’s owners took him to the shelter after three years of adoption. It was already four months, that Lana hasn’t found a permanent home.

And one of the workers of the shelter considered doing a sit-in to help Lana catch people’s attention.

Whitney will stay with Lana in her kennel until she is placed in a forever home.

Whitney does everything just like Lana to understand her emotions living there every day.

Another worker of the shelter told, that although animals can have perfect conditions in the shelters, it’s not comfortable as a loving home. He also told, that Whitney is learning about everything Lana goes through.

Whitney started missing home only spending a night there, while Lana has been living there for almost four months.

Neighborhood businesses sent food to Lana and Whitney.

The shelter performs this to demonstrate to people how adorable Lana is and that she deserves a happy life. She adores sleeping with other workers and going for walks with the shelter volunteers.

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