«Archive photos of the Italian movie legend!»: The appearance of  Loren before surgeries surprised the fans

You will hardly believe your eyes when you see young Loren in archive photos 😳😍

The epitome of the Italian female beauty, femininity and attractiveness has always been considered S. Loren. However, few know that she looked altogether different before undergoing operations.

Many believe that she looked far from perfect in her youth compared to other world-renowned celebrities in the industry. She had a double chin and a relatively big nose.

The first surgery she underwent was rhinoplasty to reshape her nose that was considered to be her biggest «flaw». Then, she couldn’t stop and changed the shape of her eyes as well as reducing extra fat in her face and chin.

These drastic changes were, of course, super visible and many soon knew what changes she underwent. Some believe that her real nose gave her even more charm and uniqueness.

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