Unlikely Friendship Blossoms: Wesley the Cow and Chance the Pit Bull Forge an Unbreakable Bond

The two animals had the same past and immediately befriended 🐶❤️🐄

The cow and a pit bull reside at the Ohio Sunrise Sanctuary and they have become best companions. One of the workers of the Sunrise Sanctuary told, that although Wesley is an enormous cow and she is absolutely loving towards other animals. She adores hugging and kissing, especially when the kisses are from her best friend Chance.

A pit bull named Chance was saved in 2009.

The founder of the sanctuary Mindy Mallett went to save two turkeys from a farm, she came across calves, that were living in hutches and she approached one of them.

And one of the calves gave her a small kiss by sucking on her fingers and she considered to take it. And tiny Wesley was there.

Mindy started asking the farmer to give Wesley to her.

Mindy told, that Chance’s first owner purchased him from the flea market and kept chained because of his antics.

And she also asked for allowing her to look after the doggie.

And when Chance grew up the cow became his best friend. They immediately befriended, as they were both left alone by their mothers.

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