«The bravest leader ever!». The feat of the President of Portugal made the whole world speechless  

He is a great role model for everyone!  🤗🥹

Marcelo Rebelo de Souza, the Portuguese President, did something heroic, which gained everyone’s attention from all over the world.

He is a great role model not only for her nation, but also for the whole world. He is one of the kindest and the most caring presidents, who is ready to put his life in danger for others’ safety.

Once when he was having a rest on the beach all alone, spotted two women in a terrible condition. Their boat had capsized and they were drowning. The 71-year-old president hurried to save them without thinking twice. Thanks to his great efforts and with the help of other ordinary people, the women were rescued.

Everyone was shocked by his heroic action. No one expected such a brave move by a courageous leader. He became everyone’s favorite and a great source of motivation.

What do you think about him? Would you dare to jump into the water and save the women?

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