«A 1980s’ icon with an exhausted face full of wrinkles»: Crawford’s aged look became the subject of discussions

The fans hardly recognized the former supermodel in this aged and wrinkled woman 🤔🧐

Recent paparazzi photos reveal one of the most legendary supermodels of the 1980s whose changed appearance leaves the fans speechless. Many note that Crawford looks even older than she actually is.

It is worth mentioning that she decided to age in a natural way refusing to turn to surgeons, cosmetologists and beauticians. Though her body still looks stunning, her face has obviously undergone some age-related changes.

She considers Botox and injections a waste of time and money and strongly refuses to get beauty injections, As a result of her age, her skin became saggy and many wrinkles appeared. For some, she even ceased to look like herself.

Her recent appearance with an exhausted face full of wrinkles around her neck, eyes and lips soon became the subject of discussions on social media.

However, despite all these drastic changes, she still continues to amaze the entire world with her natural beauty, femininity and charisma. Her self-acceptance is highly valued and appreciated.


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