«An infinity tattoo with her husband’s name!»: Lopez got a tattoo under her breast and astonished her followers

Lopez showed the spicy tattoo under her breast that she dedicated to her husband 🧐❤️

This iconic and renowned 53-year-old actress has recently surprised the fans with her daring tattoo that she got dedicated to her beloved husband.

She organized a spicy photo shoot in a daring green dress with an open back. To say that the fans were left speechless is actually nothing to say. It was an infinity sign with her husband’s and her names.

No one could remain indifferent towards the bold photo shoot! What do you think?

The second image of the beauty icon was in a revealing pink dress with a floral neckline. Her vibrant makeup and perfectly straightened hair pleasantly surprised the fans.

Whereas there have been some rumors that there were scandals in Lopez’s family. Yet, the couple hasn’t announced anything yet.

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