«A young soul in an aging body!»: Timelessly beautiful Hawn drew everyone’s attention to her in public

Hawn, 77, became the center of attention dancing to her favorite song in public 🤗😍

Even at her 77, this iconic star doesn’t cease to delight the whole world with her femininity, charisma and limitless energy. People don’t get tired of calling her an ageless beauty. She still keeps herself fit with a proper diet, sports and meditation.

Her healthy lifestyle and positive mindset considerably help her keep herself fit and healthy and look much younger in the eyes of her fans.

It is, perhaps, regular meditation exercises that keep her energetic and, at the same time, in harmony with her inner self.

Her slender figure, beautiful healthy hair and femininity were enough for the people who admire her. Despite her age, she still continues to be the biggest inspiration for her admirers and supporters.

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