The «James Bond» actress is not the same beauty!: This is how Jane Seymour has changed

The iconic actress from James Bond movies who is now 72 showed herself in a bikini 😍

J. Seymour has lately shared photos from her well-deserved vacation in Costa Rica. The 72-year-old former actress proudly showed her figure in a bikini on the beach and left no one indifferent. She is best remembered for her role in James Bond movies.

Despite her age, she still enjoys her popularity and doesn’t mind showing herself the way she is. Here is the iconic actress in a coffee-colored one-piece bikini with revealing slits.

Her straw hat and stylish sunglasses became the final touch to her bikini image. She posed in an elegant way and seemed to enjoy the warmth of the Sun. Her positive energy melted everyone’s hearts.

People have been actively discussing her «honest» photo where she appears completely makeup-free. The photo was not edited and clearly showed her wrinkles and the «imperfect» skin.

Most of her fans were delighted and highly appreciated her honesty and simplicity.

Though she previously underwent plastic surgeries, she managed to keep the balance between her natural beauty and some corrections.

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