How she can have such a flawless figure!». The wife of Alec Baldwin and the mother of 7 children looks incredibly beautiful

She shared the secret of her attractiveness 😳😍

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria have 7 children. The last one was born just recently and the woman gave birth to all the children on her own. Here the most amazing thing is that the mother of so many children, who is 37, has a slim figure which leaves everyone speechless.

Hilaria spoke about the secret of her such stunning figure. As it turned out she practices yoga regularly even during her pregnancy and also she goes to the gym frequently.

During the whole pregnancy she posted videos and photos of her trainings and later shared the results of her work. In that way she didn’t want to make others follow her example, she just wanted to show her own practice.

As for the actor, he says that being a father is not an easy task, especially when his children are connected to their mother more than him. He tries to be a wonderful parent and is sure that they will understand how much he loves them when they grow up.

He also appreciates his wife’s beauty and is proud of her and his family.

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