«Confidence decides everything!»: The non-standard appearance of this girl became the subject of discussions  

Instead of hiding in her room, this plus-size girl proudly shows her body in a bikini 🥰🥹

Despite today’s beauty standards, this non-standard-looking girl has proved that one doesn’t need to be skinny to look beautiful and attractive. She supports body positivity and encourages others to accept their «imperfect» bodies.

The keys to her great success are her confidence and self-acceptance. For her journey to self-sufficiency and self-love, she left the job she didn’t enjoy, ended an unsatisfactory relationship and neglected others’ opinions.

She ignores those who diminish her value and underestimate her. Instead of hiding in her room, this girl proudly shows her bikini body. She isn’t ashamed and is believed that beauty knows no size and shape.

Each of her 10 000 followers sincerely admires her unique appearance and supports her approach to self-acceptance. She herself sets her own standards and needs nobody’s opinion about her.

She is neither lazy nor unmotivated, she simply feels confident about her body and encourages others to do so. Living her life to the best, she has no plans to change anything about her appearance.


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