Australian Hero James Harrison: The Blood Donor Saving Millions of Lives with His Extraordinary Gift

There is so much courage in this man 🥰👏

Kindness saves the world. Your small contribution can become heroism for the others.

This Australian man, whose name is James Harrison, can be considered a Superman. Due to his kind act and deficit type of blood millions of lives has been saved.

His blood insurance has a high value.

Till 1967, many lives of newborns and even non-born children couldn’t be saved. Unfortunately, the number of deaths was increasing rapidly per year.

All of this was happening because of the extra difference of blood types of the mother and child.

The solution to this is the injection of antigens to the mother at in appropriate time.

The strange fact is that not every kind of blood is what is needed. And James Harrison’s blood is the very type that saves lives.

Harrison’s decision was to become a blood donor and it is a heroic step for the world.

James considers being donor his only talent and told about it in his interviews

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