«A little weak, but not hopeless». Alec Baldwin appeared in public for the first time after surgery

His determination and perseverance shine through 🥹🥲

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin concerned his fans with his recent condition. The star had an operation two weeks ago and he is still in the recovery process. Although he doesn’t feel so good and has some pains, recently he was spotted in New York.

Fans were informed about Baldwin’s condition when his wife Hillary posted a photo before the operation and wrote that her husband was going to have hip replacement surgery.

After this hard period, the star thanked his fans for their great support and nice wishes. He noted that their compliments helped him overcome his pains quickly.

Now it’s not easy for him to walk and he needs much time to become completely healthy, but he never loses his hope and is sure that everything will be great very soon.

Many people think that the lives of celebrities are quite easy, because they try to hide all the difficulties from them. But in fact, like ordinary people, they also have hard times, which can even be fatal for them.

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