«A future supermodel!»: This is what a beauty Jessica Alba’s heiress has become

Alba showed her teenage daughter and pleasantly surprised everyone 😍

The rare footage of this outstanding Hollywood actress’s teenage daughter left absolutely everyone speechless. The girl has grown up to be a real beauty who already wins millions of hearts.

It is worth mentioning that she has been married to producer C. Warren for 18 years and their heiress has already turned 15.

Youthful Honor attends ballet classes and no one would deny that she has become a real beauty. Many call her a future supermodel. Alba touchingly expresses her sincere feelings to her daughter.

The Hollywood movie star shared that the birth of her heiress radically changed her life. They are in a close and warm relationship and the actress believes that Honor is truly a good and caring sister to her siblings.

She heartwarmingly congratulated her heiress wishing her all the best on Earth.

The movie star’s husband joined the birthday congratulations expressing his endless love and dedication on that special day. Honor delighted everyone appearing in a princess-like outfit with cute curls and a tiara.

Their recent vacation photos where they relaxing on the beach soon became the subject of discussions. They went to a Hawaiian resort where they fully enjoyed their time together.

According to one TV presenter, the key to her good appearance is her special nutrition, regular cardio exercises and optimism.

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