Gentle Giant: Meet Cotosaurus Rex, the Enormous Cat Finding Love and Happiness in a New Home

This giant cat has the life he deserves  🐱😲

Meet this giant creature named Cotosaurus Rex. The name was put by his owners because of his huge size. The catty is 9.5 kg and 91 cm.

Before being adopted, he spent his life in a Boston shelter. Over 50 adopters were interested in him, but Andrew and Emily were given the chance to be his owners.

The cat didn’t have a happy life before being taken to the shelter. He wandered the streets in search of food and somewhere to live. Finally, he was spotted by kind people, who immediately handed him to the shelter.

And now he lives his best life in his new family and is provided with everything he needs.

The couple is happy to have such an adorable pet at home. Although it’s not easy to keep him because of his size, they do their best to make his life a real heaven.

The cat is unaware of his size and can climb the places which are not allowed to him.

He is a real happiness and entertains everyone around him.

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