«It’s illegal to look this good at 49!»: The changed appearance of Cruz after cosmetic procedures came as a big surprise

Cruz has had a circular facelift and changed her appearance beyond recognition 🧐😲

This outstanding actress has never ceased to stun absolutely everyone with her flawless and impeccable figure, glowing skin, gorgeous hair and charisma.

However surprising it may seem, she never ceases to charm her fans with her magnificent appearance. Even at her 49, her stunning look often becomes the subject of admiration.

These days, the popular actress’s appearance at a flower shop captured by paparazzi wasn’t unnoticed. No one could remain indifferent and got greatly surprised by her ideal feature.

Many were more than sure that she had had some cosmetic procedures enhancing her eyes, eyelids and a circular facelift. Many claimed that she actually needed no single surgery.

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