«Expecting his 5th child at 83»: Paparazzi caught aged Pacino and his young pregnant beloved

Fans were taken aback when they saw the 83-year-old movie star’s pregnant lover 🧐🤔

Paparazzi have recently caught aged and wrinkled Al Pacino with his youthful partner who is, believe it or not, expecting a baby from the legendary man. However surprising it might seem, her partner is only 29.

This one is going to be his fifth child.  It goes without saying that the whole internet was surprised and had no words to express their delight.

Many rushed to heavily criticize their relationship because of their big age difference. Some even compared them with a grandfather and his granddaughter.

The whole internet has actively been discussing their relationship. Some thought that there couldn’t be love between them. Others, on the other hand, were delighted by the fact that nothing could prevent them from being together.

What are your thoughts on this non-standard couple?

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