Deva Cassel’s Photoshoot Stirs Online Debate: Critics Question Appropriate Image for 18-Year-Old Model

Her appearance and behavior are not appropriate for an 18-year-old girl 😳🤔

Deva Cassel is the daughter of the famous actress Monica Bellucci. The 18-year-old girl is a stunning model, who attracts everyone with her beauty and charm.

But her recent photoshoot caused a lot of discussions among netizens.

She has started her career 10 years ago, and now she gets many invitations to work with famous brands and magazines.

Sometimes she is photographed in bold images, but her latest photoshoot was the pinnacle.

Her outfits and poses were not liked by many people, who criticized her in the comments. They wrote that her look and behavior are not appropriate for her age.

What do you think about the model? Do you like the way she is photographed?

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