«It’s illegal to look this good at 65!»: Stone’s gorgeous look at a dinner party pleasantly surprised everyone

The way 65-year-old Stone came to a dinner party deserves our special attention 😍

The vibrant, eye-catching and successfully chosen outfit of Stone at a dinner party drew everyone’s attention. She managed to captivate everyone with her gorgeousness and femininity.

The dinner organized in honor of the Raising Our Voices invited the renowned 65-year-old movie star as well. Her delicate makeup and sincere smile gave her even more charm. There was a hint of provocation as well.

Her scarlet pantsuit adorned with a massive flower on the left side of the blazer and the silver shimmering scarf suited her perfectly. Alongside E. Longoria, she posed in front of dozens of cameras.

«How is it even possible to look this good at 65?», «The woman we can admire forever», «Both are amazing just the way they are».

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