Heartwarming Tale of Love and Second Chances: Foster Mom Falls in Love with Rescued Puppy, Reunited for a Happily Ever After

The sweet puppy, who got used to her new surroundings and became a permanent resident of the house 🐶❤️👩‍🦰

A woman named Lauren fostered a puppy named Annabelle and learned about her difficult past. She had been neglected and had to wander the streets all alone. She was awfully underweight and wasn’t interested in anything.

She seemed happy to be fed and that the days pass. But Lauren considered to give her a lot of love. The girl waited patiently and after all the puppy started coming out of her shell.

She was delighted for Lauren’s love and started moving upstairs with her. And even after a little time she gave back all the love and care Lauren had given to her and also slept next to Lauren on her bed.

Lauren understood, that Annabelle was the sweetest puppy and she had a big heart and a lot of love. But the hardest thing for her became the fact, that she had to return the puppy back for adoption.

And when Lauren took the puppy to the shelter she understood, that she couldn’t bear even a day without her sweet puppy. And she asked her sister to immediately take the puppy from the shelter.

Lauren admits, that she failed to be a foster mother. She simply fell in love with the puppy and couldn’t live without her. And now they are finally together and can have a happy life.

The story shows, that with patience every puppy will get used to her new surroundings. And if you give animals a chance they will give you something back.

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