A Tale of Gratitude: How a Stranded Goose Finds a Lifelong Connection with a Kind-hearted Man

The best thing people can do for animals is to give them their love and affection  🥹🥰

When people save animals it’s not a simple thing for them to demonstrate their gratitude. In the case of a shelter puppy or kitty it is simple, as if you see them joyful it’s the best way of showing their gratitude.

But it is a little difficult for wild animals.

One day Mike went out on his boat and he saw a small goose struggling in the water all alone. It was obvious she had been cut off from his family.

Mike took the goose and introduced her to the other family, but they didn’t want her because of her foot was hurt. Geese often left their young if they think they won’t survive.

And Mike considered doing something by himself. He didn’t know what to do, but he also considered taking care of the small goose in order nothing happened to her.

Mike didn’t want to keep her in captivity and wanted to release her back to the wild when she is old enough. And he did it.

Kyle now lives her own life, but also decides to stay next to Mike and check him often. When Mike takes the boat out Kyle will fly alongside it and hop on the back swimming deck to interact with her human friend.

Kyle delivered her own gosling and she wasn’t also the best mother. And Mike considered raising the baby Jack by himself.

The moral of the story is that it is clearly vital to give love to any animal you see. All of them need love and attention.

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