Love Prevails: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Defy Divorce Rumors, Spotted Radiating Happiness on Beach Getaway

They look happy together! 🤗😍

Megan Fox and her chosen one Machine Gun Kelly were captured by the paparazzi while having a rest on the beach. According to some sources, the couple divorced, but their recent photos showed something else. They look happy together!

Fox looks satisfied next to her partner. People noticed how she behaved by the guy’s side. She was smiling during the whole time, they played together like kids and it seems that they are the happiest and most loving couple in the world.

Although there are many critics who claim that the couple really had a bad relationship, and they were convinced of it when Fox appeared in public without her ring.

But now it is obvious that they get along well with each other and have overcome all the difficulties and problems they had in the past.

Do you like this couple? What can you say about them?

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