«Haters have no words!»: The romantic photo Bieber and his wife shared from vacation surprised everyone

In response to all the haters, Bieber and Hailey shared a romantic photo from a vacation 🥹❤️

After collaborating with Victoria’s Secret campaign, the 26-year-old but world-renowned and successful model went on her deserved vacation. She was, of course, accompanied with her husband and their destination was Spain.

In this photo we can see Hailey on a yacht. Her confident look, fashionable sunglasses and catchy outfit made her followers admire her even more. She proudly showed her toned and sun-kissed body, reports The Voice.

Her revealing tiny bikini let no one remain indifferent. The fans couldn’t take their eyes off her attractive body and «attacked» her with lots of nice compliments.

«Right! He should carry his queen on his arms!», «The couple I can admire forever!», «What a toned and attractive figure she has!», «No matter what she wears, she looks stunning anyway».

She is in a positive relationship with the popular singer’s ex-girlfriend whose fans periodically criticize and even threaten her.

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