Defying Age and Redefining Beauty: Meet Yasmina Rossi, the 59-Year-Old Model Shattering Stereotypes and Embracing a Meaningful Life

After 50, life is just beginning!  😃🥰

Mainly women under 25 have an opportunity to become successful models, but our today’s heroine breaks all the rules, because she is a stunning model at 59. She claims that life after 50 becomes meaningful.

Yasmina Rossi is a granny of two grandchildren, but it doesn’t disturb her to be a successful model.

She collaborates with many famous brands and has become well-known throughout the world.

People are curious about how she maintains her pretty and youthful appearance. Not even many young people can look the way she does at 59.

But the model says that she doesn’t do anything special: she just eats healthy food and does exercises frequently.

She only used a lot of oil in her daily life. She prepares masks with oil and uses them on her skin and hair. She prefers fruits and vegetables more than sweets and fast food.

The woman leads an active life, full of morning walks and exercises. She also practices yoga, which has a wonderful effect on her health.

She loves her life and enjoys what she does.

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