Chris Evans’ Surprising Engagement: Actor Defying Age Difference in a Summer Wedding

Something new in the life of this handsome man 🧐🤗

Chris Evans, who is considered one of the most talented and handsome actors in the world, recently has concentrated his attention to his personal life.

The 41-year-old star made a proposal to his 25-year-old lover Alba Baptista, an actress, who accepted his offer with happiness.

They both live in Massachusetts and are going to marry in this summer. At first, the couple planned to organize a big wedding ceremony with many guests, but then they made a final decision to invite only family members and close friends.

This news became the topic of discussions among fans, most of whom were happy to hear that their lovely actor has something new in his life, while others were upset, because they think that he won’t have enough time to concentrate on his career after marriage.

Although nothing is known about the previous relationships of the actress, Chris had relations with Jessica Biel, Minka Kelly, and Jenny Slate.

Recall that the couple started their relationship in 2021.

Although their age difference is big, the couple have built a firm connection and now they love and respect each other a lot.

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