«The woman who stole his heart forever!»: Here is one of the most legendary couples in the industry

The story of Banderas and Kimpel will make you restore your belief in true love 🥹🤗

The romantic relationship between A. Banderas and N. Kimpel became publicly aware in 2014. Since then, they have always been among the most talked-about spouses.

Though it hasn’t been proved yet, many are convinced that Kimpel was the reason why the legendary star and his ex-wife divorced. The whole thing is that they were spotted together even when he was still married.

Interestingly enough, the woman has nothing to do with acting and is an investment banker and still succeeds in this very sphere.

However, many are more than sure that she could have easily become a successful and in-demand actress. Her beauty, femininity and charisma would definitely be appreciated by viewers.

Many noted that the man, despite being in his 60s, still looks young and, perhaps, no one will say that there is a 20-years difference between them.


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