Crazy Cat Man’s Heartwarming Tale: Rescuing and Nurturing April, the Kitty Who Found a Forever Home

The two kittens immediately befriended and became inseparable  🐈🥹

This man is called crazy cat man, but he isn’t at all crazy. He is very affectionate and considerate. He adores rescuing kittens, that were either lost or abandoned.

One day he saw a kitty next to the playground near the highway and he considered to help. Other people knew her place, but didn’t do anything about it.

The man named Brad on the first day brought some food and water to the kitty and wanted to earn her trust. It was very hard, as when the kitty approaches to eat or drink he tries to touch her she immediately scampers away.

Brad was patient and day by day he wanted to completely gain her trust. And after some time she considered going a little but further from her hiding place and later he managed to take her.

Brad took her to his house and named her April. Then he introduced the kitty with his other cat named Tom and they immediately befriended.

Tom quickly considered becoming her mother and Brad was absolutely happy, that her kittens got on so well.

At first Brad considered he would rehome April, but later he couldn’t do it. And under the watchful eye of his other kitten, April had a great transformation and became a true member of their family.

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