«Wet Cher on a yacht!»: The recent paparazzi photos of Cher from vacation let no one remain indifferent

Many were not ready to see Cher on a yacht in wet clothes and with no makeup 🧐🤔

Paparazzi have recently been lucky enough to spot the legendary singer of Armenian-American origins on a yacht in wet clothes and with no makeup. The random photos quickly became the subject of discussions.

Many, of course, were not ready to see their idol from this angle and some even didn’t recognize her. Far not everyone has ever seen her in wet clothes on a yacht.

Some in their turn claimed that her age was already showing itself and that she would never be the same iconic singer anymore.

Her entirely natural appearance with no makeup wasn’t unnoticed as well. She didn’t look the same way as on the stage, but if we consider her age, she still looks quite attractive.

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