«What happened to a catwalk icon?»: The way Tyra Banks has changed became the subject of discussions

The fans refused to believe that the plump woman here is the former iconic model 😲🧐

For those who don’t know, this outstanding and enormously successful supermodel started her drizzling career in Paris at the age of 17. Her extraordinarily beautiful appearance, professionalism and charisma made her one of the main catwalk icons.

She was the first African-American woman who became the muse of Victoria’s Secret. She has remained the brand’s angel for many years. The show «America’s Next Top Model» brought her even more fame and popularity across the world.

However, her appearance has changed greatly in recent years. For many, she even appears to be unrecognizable.

Judging by the recent paparazzi photos, she has gained much weight and seems not to do anything to fix it. She even claimed that she looks even older than 47.

Despite all this, her great contribution to the fashion world and entertainment can hardly be overestimated.


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