«Shortly after the traumatic divorce!»: Paparazzi caught Shakira in an unusual image during her walk in Miami

Shakira’s unusual appearance in Miami shortly after the divorce raised questions 🤔🧐

Many have been wondering what Shakira looks like and how she lives after the divorce from a professional football player. Here she is!

The unusual image of the iconic Latin-American singer raised many questions. She gave her preference to a purple T-shirt, baggy jeans and a bright-colored purse. Her face looked a little bit swollen and her hair seemed dry and disheveled.

Many rushed to conclude that she hasn’t visited beauty salons for months because of her traumatic divorce and struggle. It is quite clear that the woman is still in the process of getting over the breakup with her already ex-husband.

To many people’s surprise, she hasn’t gained weight. Instead, she regularly goes to the gym to always stay in perfect shape.

For breakfast, the iconic diva eats boiled eggs with avocado and olive oil or else a bun with turkey and lettuce. For lunch she has fish or shrimp and a smoothie to vegetable salad for a snack. For dinner she usually eats stewed vegetables and white fish.

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