Kind-Hearted Dog Adopts Stray Kitten and Brings Her Home to His Owner as a Surprise

 Kindness and a big heart played a major role here 

If you have a big heart you try to help those who are in need. It’s common not only in humanity but also in the animal world.

Three years old Hazel, a kind doggie, decided to do something kind that day.

He was just a newborn puppy when Monica found him and decided to help. She brought him in and began to take care of him. She provided him with everything he needed and made him happy and carefree.

She knew her dog was kind and caring, but she didn’t expect him to become a hero.

Hazel’s favorite occupation is going for a walk every day, no matter it’s cold or hot, rainy or sunny. His owner allows him to go outside alone, because she trusts him and knows that he comes home on time.

But that day was a bit different, because Hazel was late, which made his owner worry about him. But after a few hours he came back with a big surprise.

As it turned out Hazel met a stray puppy on his way and socialised with her. Then he decided to adopt her and brought her home. When the owner saw her pet bringing the catty with him, she was shocked and decided to record the scene.

She never expected that her dog could do such a heroic action. Of course, she accepted their new guest with happiness.

Monica found a forever home for the kitten, as for her sweet doggie, she rewarded him with a lot of treats.

Now the catty lives with Monica’s brother and is provided with everything she needs. And Hazel continues to enjoy his life with his caring owner.

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