Alyssa Milano sarcastically expressed her concern about Britney Spears’ strange behavior  

Don’t mock people when they are in need

Famous singer Britney Spears appeared in an unpleasant situation, when people began to criticize her strange behavior in her videos.

Before marrying Sam Asghari, she lived with her father for about 12 years.

Recently the singer began to post videos where she was wearing amusing clothes and dancing crazily. Her behavior made both ordinary people and famous ones express their concerns about it.

Actress Alyssa Milano was among them. She offered someone to check on Britney and ironically expressed her worries about her health.

Britney was very angry with such rude words from the actress, especially when she did not know her.

She mentioned that everyone should respect the feelings and emotions of the person in front of them and never enter her private life.

Our world needs kindness! Try to stay a human!

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