«Barely covering her private places!»: The provocative photo shoot of Crawford left everyone astonished

Everyone’s eyes were on half-naked Crawford in a piquant photo shoot for Vogue

Absolutely everyone will definitely remember this iconic American supermodel, whose recent photo shoot soon caused a stir quickly becoming the subject of heated discussions.

Luigi Mureno and Yango Henzi captured the legendary supermodel in black and white who was only in a veil, a jewelry bra top and glamorous high heels.

With her hand Crawford was trying to hide the private places of her stunning and attractive body. The producer of the piquant photo shoot Pedro Sales made the fantastic moment last forever making everyone fall in love with the model again.

There is no denying that no one could remain indifferent towards the bold photos of the 55-year-old celebrity who, despite her age, still manages to win millions of hearts with her attractiveness and femininity.

Many were delighted with the provocative photos of the well-known model being unable to stop admiring her silhouette. It stands to reason that now Cindy looks even better than many young and contemporary representatives of the modeling business.

Some relatively more modest looks of the outstanding supermodel were shared on the producer’s social media where she posed in an attractive black bodysuit which perfectly emphasized her desirable body.

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