The once stray catty is now people’s lovely Princess, whose expensive outfits make her a real princess

From having nothing to owning everything!

Everything started when Francisco Vega found a newborn kitten in a trash can and hurried to save her. Because the cutie was very small, he used to wrap her in towels. It became a custom for the sweet catty to wear clothes and later she began to put handbags, wigs, jewellery and so on.

Seeing how pretty she was in such outfits, the owner began to make her own clothes which made her a real princess.

The owner is sure that the little animal was abandoned by her previous owners and was thrown away like garbage.

At first the man took her to a vet for checkup. And when he was informed that everything was ok with her health, he decided to take her home and look after her. He named her Princess, because she looked so gorgeous in her amazing outfits.

The owner opened an Instagram account for the catty and began to post many interesting photos of her daily life.

When the man remembers the day he found the catty dirty, wet and defenceless, he feels upset. Who could people do such a terrible thing?

Fortunately, Princess was saved and now she is a star on the Internet. She enjoys her life with her loving owner and loves to be in the centre of attention. It seems that she understands that everyone is attracted by her and when her owner wants to take a photo, she poses as if she is a professional model.

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