«The same angelically beautiful green eyes»: This is how Richard from the romantic survival film «The Blue Lagoon» has changed

The handsome curly-haired actor from the 1980s’ film «The Blue Lagoon» after years 🤔🧐

However surprising it might seem to some. Christopher Atkins is already 59 who is best-remembered for his legendary role in the movie «The Blue Lagoon» winning millions of female hearts with his angelically beautiful green eyes and handsomeness.

Only few know that he actually didn’t receive acting education, but managed to achieve great success and incredible career heights. In fact, Atkins was an athlete and worked as a beach lifeguard.

Shortly after the film was released he gained fame and overall recognition receiving the Golden Globe Award for his cult role. Millions of girls dreamed of his love hoping that he might be interested in them.

Years later, the successful actor started his own business of sports good and is now the owner of a major sports goods as well as a fishing tackle rental companies.

The man who became a great actor only thanks to one role has starred in as many as 59 projects. Apart from acting, he has always enjoyed his hobbies having his own business and continuing being independent. Now, he is divorced and has two children.

Have you watched the romantic survival film «The Blue Lagoon»? Did you like the leading character?

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