«In an ultramarine satin dress at Paris Fashion Week»: The stunning look of singer Kylie Minogue in a «torn» dress impressed everyone

Kylie Minogue at 54 appeared in a vibrant blue dress proudly showing her thin waist

It is needless to say that outstanding singer Kylie Minogue at 54 knows how to always stun everyone with her brightness, vivid and unsurpassed beauty and attractiveness.

It is rather hard to realize that the Australian celebrity is already in her 50s since she still looks amazing and no wrinkle and other age-related change can be seen on her face. The singer and songwriter possesses a toned and attractive body shape.

This is the result of the fact she gave up on alcohol, fast and starchy food as well as drastically reduced sugar consumption. Regular gym workout, daily running as well as snowboarding trainings help the performer maintain her attractiveness.

Unlike many people’s opinions, she hasn’t undergone plastic surgeries. The singer has only had Botox injections.

One of her most successfully chosen and unsurpassable outfit was at the Paris Fashion Week where she made a spectacular appearance in a satin dress of ultramarine color which perfectly emphasized her perfect body shape.

What concerns the oblique stripes, they highlighted her thin and attractive waist.

Kylie completed her look with a black coat and leather high-heeled boots. In total, she looked bright and outshone everyone there.

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