The beautiful cat, who’s meow has the same tone as the question and sounds like human speech

A sweetie, who can respond people with an unusual way

The sweet, plump, red haired cat’s name is Ancel. He went missing for seven years. The. when he was discovered in an Oregon shelter he at least got the peace he had been looking for.

He was taken to another cat sanctuary in Sherwood, became this one was already too crowded. Doctors started visiting him. And soon it was discovered, that the cat was able to communicate with people in an unusual way.

People trying to communicate with him will hear an extraordinarily high, squeaky, unique meow in response, giving the impression, that he is answering.

The volunteer named Heather told, that the cat is very distinctive.

Kitty is unusual for his size and sweet cheeks. The sweetie can also meow in the same tone as a question or the human speech.

His sweetness and originality are often added by his sociable and peaceful personality, which is unique for a stray cat. And a kind woman named Sandy immediately considered to be his owner.

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