“Miss World shortly after childbirth”: The fans hardly recognized the Indian beauty icon after giving birth

Are you ready to see how Aishwarya Rai, the Miss World, changed after childbirth?

To everyone’s surprise, the Miss World and the Indian beauty suddenly put an end to her drizzling acting career. The charming woman decided to devote all her time to her family and she needed to return to her former shape as soon as possible since the iconic woman gained about 20 kilos during the period of her pregnancy.

After a considerably long pause, the star of Bollywood spectacularly appeared in public for the first time making it clear that the Miss World has changed beyond recognition. “She is no more the same, I’m afraid”, “I hardly recognized her”.

“Stopped paying attention to her appearance”, “She became a totally ordinary Indian woman with nothing special”, “There is no one on Earth hotter than her!”, “Our idol of all time”.

Are you a fan of the iconic star of Bollywood? Do you think she has changed a lot?

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