A voluntary work of an elementary school children for homeless pets

Children decided to assist these animals find their permanent homes 

A girl named Norra Wild was volunteering in an elementary school. The girl thought a plan, that animals, after being saved may help locate their permanent homes. And after reading a story about children assisting shelter animals she was motivated.

Can you imagine, that a second grader would be happy to make a biography for the rescued pets in order they locate a permanent home? When the kids understood the idea and thought their work may assist someone in need, they were overjoyed.

They tried to demonstrate the world how adorable they are in spite of their faults.

Every biography consists of a small description  and also the children worked really hard and could finish the personalities of each dog.

All of them were nominated and some of the biographies were funny.

And when Wiemer decided to do this idea, when he first started it.

It really brought happiness to the whole class and assisted in the adoption of a dog, which is an amazing success.

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