The sweet cat with blurry smile, that looks like a bat

A cat, that likes to smile to people he loves

Pixel’s mother thought he was more expressive than most cats of his age. He seemed to have a smile on his face all the time and it is virulent. He also liked being captured and mixed with his smile it is a perfect combination.

“He makes funny faces and smiles when I tried to capture him.” told Pixel’s owner Alyson Kalhagen. “At first I just wanted to share his elegant face, but then I thought sharing also his funny faces and they became well known.”

Everyone adored Pixel when his owner shared his photos and it was understandable. Pixel is now popular with his smile, which means he now has to do a lot more photoshoots like he adores.

Not all people consider him beautiful, some people react differently to his appearance.

“People have many reactions to Pixel, but the most widespread are these ones: he’s so ugly, he’s so sweet.” or “He looks like a bat.” Most of all the reactions were good, but there were still people who consider him frightening. “Some people consider him mischievous or dominant, but he’s just very expressive kitten, that wants chicken.”

Pixel doesn’t know about any of these comments. All he knows is that he loves to pose for the camera, get treats and smile to people he likes and it’s all he needs.

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