A chubby cat from the shelter adores posing like a person and asking treats

A cute cat with many oddities, like standing on his hind legs 

Bruno was taken to the animal rescue, as he didn’t have good relationships with his family’s children. Bruno was weighing a lot.

He weighed 25 pounds and it was hard for him to run away from children when he wanted to be alone. Bruno is a big, silly cat, who just wants some love and attention and also he loves to demonstrate it for his beloved people.

Bruno’s most unusual feature is standing on his hind legs. He does it every time he wants something to eat. And by the cute look and poses he has it’s easy to understand why he became so fat.

“He needed to lose at least 10 pounds if he wants to love to be an old man.” told one of the staff members.

“We are trying to make it lose weight. I think his weight is a result of being over-loved.”

Despite standing on his hind legs, Bruno has other odd things. His favourite time for petting is when he eats, he will meow until you pet him. He can eat without being petted, but he likes it.

He also likes drinking water, but won’t drink from the kitchen’s water basins. He requires some water pitchers spread all over the house.

Bruno may be demanding for many things, but his major desire is to spend as much time with his beloved people as possible. He adores being next to them and will lay on the floor whenever they were.

He is now at a foster home, where he likes relaxing, but he wants a forever home where he will be loved and petted.

Bruno would be a perfect pet for the house without little kids, who will keep him active to continue his weight loss journey.

To say differently, all he needs is a family he can be with all the time, who will like all his oddities, especially standing on his hind legs.

“One fortunate family is going to be this cute boy’s owners and they will absolutely adore him.”

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