French actor Cassel posted a heartwarming B/W photo with his adorable heiresses from Bellucci

Cassel delighted his fans showing a touching photo with his grown-up daughters

Misfortunately, no one can predict what will happen in a minute and nothing is actually guaranteed. Sometimes, people who used to love each other madly and unconditionally are to break up as they simply can’t live with each other anymore. However, they have children of whom both parents should take care and pay much attention to. It doesn’t matter for the kids who was the initiator of the divorce, they just love their parents and want them to be together.

We can take one of the most beautiful and influential couples – Cassel and Bellucci, who had lived with each other for 14 years and then, misfortunately, divorced. The ex-spouses have had two adorable daughters.

And recently, the French actor shared a very touching photo with his two heiresses in B/W and the warmth, love and beauty coming from the picture delighted absolutely everyone.

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