The world’s oldest dog has passed away 

I think we can all agree that the mean life span of dogs is quite short.

I know the oldest dog in my family lived until 18, which is still an amazing feat, but at 18 he was sightless as well as deaf.

It was a humane decision to put him to sleep because we could not imagine that he would live in such a state.

Hearing about a dog living thirty (30) years is just crazy, but that’s what Australian Brian claims.

Not so long ago, at the age of 30, his Australian Kelpie Maggie, who is 210 years old by dog ​​age, passed away. WHAT?

Whether or not Brian has any proof to support his claim, we’d like to assume he’s telling the truth, because he truly doesn’t gain much by lying about it.

As stated by Brian, his old child lived a very energetic life until the very end. Walking with Brian to the shop every day as well as spending time grumbling with most of the passers-by, he never lost his self-respect or freedom.

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