The dog saves a fawn from stifling and doesn’t want to leave the baby 

Pulling the fawn out of the water Harley started to softly tongue his body.

Too early on the evening of June 2, Ralph Dorn explored the area of the lake from his home in search of his Goldendoodle named Harley.

He then detected the pup approximately 200 feet far from shore. The dog who was 6, was swimming with another animal, which Dorn discovered after a few minutes was a baby deer.

“I don’t know how the baby appeared there, but Harley apparently didn’t ask why, he just went for it,” Dorn who was 62, from Culpeper, Virginia, posted on a Facebook account that became popular.

Harley rowed next to the fawn. Dorn met the two animals on land and assisted the baby up the steep slope. Pulling the fawn out of the water as well as placing the latter on the land, Harley began to softly tongue the body of the fawn.

“Harley wanted to be next to the baby,” Dorn reported to PEOPLE magazine. “He just kept in touch with him, licked him, look after him.”

The mother of the baby appeared shortly after the fawn was on the shore.

When Dorn spotted the doe, he carried Harley to a nearby house. The girl waited until Dorn and Harley left, after which she left with the child.

But the following morning, while Dorn and his wife, 64-year-old Patricia, were drinking coffee, something went wrong.

“Harley casually ran from window to window. “I opened the forepart door and we heard a baby barking,” Dorn posted on Facebook.

“The dog ran into the woods and detected the baby,” he wrote.

“The kid stopped blowing, moving his tail, they touched their noses, sniffed each other, Harley peacefully went home with me.”

“After a short encounter with Harley, the kid settled in,” Dorn reported to PEOPLE magazine.

“At the end of the day, the baby and his mother left again.” Dorn, who believes the baby was a few days old, has not seen the couple since.

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