The cat’s owner planned how to keep her busy during work calls

A stubborn cat, who likes to work with her owner 

Georgia was adopted from an animal shelter in Maryland. The family felt she had to be  a part of their family the moment they saw her.

Georgia’s owner Wendy Bohon told: “I took one of my 7 year old boys with me and told him, that we must look at all the animals before we choose a family member.”

“He didn’t listen to me and went to the cage and said: “This is our cat, Georgia” and just walked away. And now she’s our cat Georgia.” told the owner.

Georgia quickly felt connected to her mother and relaxed into her new home. She had to be with her all the time and likes “helping” her when she’s working. Georgia’s tricks over her mother’s desk were becoming a disturbance, so Bohon figured out a plan to keep her occupied during working hours.

“To keep her away from work, my employer advised to play a bird footage on Youtube on my second monitor. She didn’t seem to be interested in birds, but when snakes came on, she went crazy.”

So when Bohon sits down at a desk ready to start, Georgia stands in front of the second monitor waiting to play snakes in order to work.

“Cat begins meowing as soon as she sees the Youtube link and than she watches the snakes, either pawing at the screen or searching beneath and behind the monitor to see where they went.”

“She follows me every time I get up from my desk and walk downstairs.”

Georgia’s work is very vital to her, and when her mother forgets to switch on the snakes she gets extremely angry.

“If I forget to switch on the video she presses my hand and if I ignore her she uses claws. She’s really stubborn.” told the owner.

Georgia was born to become a family member and now she takes her job as a snake watcher extremely seriously.

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