The newborn puppies and the boy born on the same day had an amazing photoshoot

This is the cutest photoshoot of the little pups and the baby born on the same day.

Kami Klingbeil and her dog named Delia were both pregnant, but the dog would give birth two days earlier. But something unexpected happened when Delia gave birth just 3 hours before her owner.

The woman was at the hospital, when her mother called and informed her about the 9 cute puppies’ arrival. And 3 hours later Brydon was born. Both the puppies and the baby boy were so cute.

The woman decided to take a wonderful photoshoot of the pups and her baby just after six days of their births. As a result, amazing photos were taken, which attracted the whole Internet.

Klingbeil adopted only one pup and gave the rest to other caring families, because she was unable to keep all of them. She’s sure all the babies are safe and protected in their new lovely homes.

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