Currently, Oreo will be able to live out his perfect years 

Happily, providing this dog with a forever residence was not hard.

Officer Boone of Richmond Pet Care and also Control answered a phone call about a dog that was actually attached to the dog when he left.

An old schnauzer-poodle mix, without food or water, was stretched to a post on a corner of hot Virginia street when the police reached.

While receiving concrete information, he spotted tiny cardboard fixed to his chain, on which was the writing:

The note read: “I’m Oreo. I have been restless for over ten years. My owner has died, so I need a house soon.”

He was “shy”, “stressed”, “barely seeing” or “hearing”.

Instantly after the medical check-up, he was carried to the vet facility. Oreo, definitely, was very frightened, as they hugged him more, Oreo began to calm down as well as feel more comfortable.

He was sightless as well as deaf, but he was fine. Currently, it’s time to provide this old dog with a home where he can spend the rest of his days. Happily, finding a forever residence was not hard.

There was something else about Oreo: he was welcomed into a woman’s home in Fredericksburg.

With the addition of his new dog brother, Oreo will be able to live out his perfect golden years.

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