Here are legendary stars who managed to lose their Oscar Awards shortly after the nomination

These Hollywood celebrities were “lucky” enough to lose their Oscar Awards

Being nominated for an Oscar Award is actually the cherished dream and the biggest goal of almost all actors and actresses who dedicated their lives to the film industry. This is a long-waited and remarkable event which they won’t ever forget for the rest of their lives. Whereas misfortunately, some celebrities didn’t seem to appreciate and keep their Oscar awards safe.


One of those who has had such an unpleasant experience was this legendary actor who was nominated the Oscar for his role in “The King’s Speech”. After being nominated, the film star and his friends headed to celebrate such a remarkable and important event. But after the party, in the morning, Firth left his Oscar in a hotel. Later the actor realized everything and managed to return.


It is known that the legendary and talented actor wasn’t nominated for an Oscar for many years. Whereas as soon as Leo got the cherished statuette, he forgot it at a restaurant. Fortunately, with the help of his friends the actor could find it.


One of the most demanded and influential actresses in Hollywood has also been nominated for an Oscar for her drizzling career and enormous accomplishments in the film industry. Whereas it is a pity that the figurine was sold together with her mother’s house.


Matt Damon undoubtedly deserved to get the Oscar for his role in “Good Will Hunting”. His happiness recognized no limits when he was nominated the Award, whereas, regrettably, the figurine was lost during the fire of his house.


For her cult role in the popular film “Black Swan”, the successful actress got the Award as well which was a long-waited event in her life. But when being asked about her Awards and Nominations, she seems to have forgotten where the statuettes she has won are and seems not to appreciate the Oscar Award.

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