The owner discovered the kitten in the bushes of her yard

The twice lucky kitten: he not only survived, but also found a caring home

A woman named Julia was awakened by a sound coming from an open window on a hit night. She went out but there was no one.

The same sound was heard the next morning when Julia was getting ready for work.

When the girl went out she saw a kitten lying on the ground. He seemed to stop breathing. At the same time the red kitten ran from the bushes, showing that he was the source of the sounds.

The poor one spent the night among his brothers and sisters’ lifeless bodies, which Julia found later. The mother cat was nowhere.

The family took the little kitten to their house.

Since then he has been living with them. He was very lucky, not only because he was the only one from his litter to survive, but also he found loving family.

The kitten was named Angel. He is adored by everyone.

Julia is happy, that she was there when the kitten needed assistance.

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