“Is this even Jolie?”: Paparazzi recently caught iconic actress and film producer Jolie during her shopping

Charming actress Jolie surprised her fans with her casual style in everyday life

Apart from her worldwide fame and popularity, the talented Hollywood actress still remains the icon of beauty, femininity and charisma among the army of her loyal fans.

In the past couple of years, some dramatic changes in the actress’s appearance became clearly noticed – the woman lost relatively much wealth making her followers be concerned about her extreme thinness.

Not long ago, the legendary film star was caught in a shop doing her regular shopping and the paparazzi were lucky enough to catch the woman on camera.

Though Jolie noticed that she was being watched, she calmly continued to select the required products paying no attention to those who were taking photographs of her.

Till today, she still faces criticism towards her unhealthy thinness and is often judged by the network users.

“I literally adore her!”, “She is a goddess!”, “She lives in quite a modest way of life”, “Is this even her?”.

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