During this difficult time in Ukraine, these cute cats feel safe and protected. So exciting!

Cats help guests of the cafe to forget their worries and sorrows.

Have you ever heard about Cat Café Lviv in Ukraine? It is quite famous with its 20 amazing cats, that help the visitors feel calm and satisfied.
The people love the atmosphere of the cafe, especially the presence of these felines.

The staff of the cafe takes care about the cats, who help them in many situations, especially when they have guests. The clients enjoy sitting and drinking a cup of coffee next to these loyal animals.
The cats love to be in the centre of the visitors’ attention, so they do their best to get much love and cuddles from them.

These 20 cats live here since the age of 4 months, and they will continue stay there with their lovely owner, who doesn’t want to leave his cafe and country during the war. He says that the cafe works all day and continues to welcome its lovely guests.

Because they have many clients from other countries, who come here to have a rest and enjoy the quiet atmosphere, the cafe has three large rooms special for foreigners, who can have a full rest there. That’s wonderful!

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